FEDCO has a dedicated Research & Development team to constantly innovate, introduce and improve the products and services with an underlying objective to enhance the experiences of our customers, clients and businesses as a whole. We invest in exhaustive research and development as we intuitively recognize that the adoption of technology enables to deliver better to consumers, principals, partners and patrons. And we acknowledge the enabling and differentiating prowess of the adaptation of technology in business environment.

Hands-on implementation exposure coupled with thorough research and development exercise, we have created innovative solutions that re-define the market standards. We are amongst the very few electricity distributors world-wide to visualize, integrate, develop, implement and manage enterprise-wide Resource Management and Customer Relationship Management Software within the very first year of operations. A single source of truth with a unified database integrates meter reading; collections; arrears; customer service and grievances enmeshing seamlessly with our CRM software. Online Integrated Billing Software-ENSERV developed by FEDCO has been implemented across all our operational areas.

In line with FEDCO’s promise of Transforming Business through Innovation”, FEDCO has inaugurated a state-of-the art “iDL Control Centre”. It is surely a step towards FEDCO’s commitment of using technology & innovation for transparency and better consumer service. It has been developed to enable each business process to be monitored with the help of modern technology.