In today’s increasingly complex and fast-changing environment, FEDCO aims at tapping the enormous business potential through data analytics and artificial intelligence. We make data simple through analysis and provide insights to improve business operations by infusing efficiency and mitigating risk.

Over the period of more than 5 operational years with all key processes streamlined, extensive use of technology in metering, billing, collection, new connection, etc. and a very strong back-end analytics team, we have been able to bring down the losses in the area by around 20%-28% in different pockets.

We believe that all the changing trends are connected by a common thread of technology and robust data analytics which works like a box of tricks unearthing results based on analysis to help people understand customer behaviour and performance of operation and commercial teams. While technology provides a smooth and real time information interface and single source of truth, our analytics team constantly works as a “think-tank” in supplementing the operations in day-to-day works. The Operations team generally banks upon actionable items amongst data provided by Analytics team, in their quest to increase revenue and considerably improve operations. The same has resulted into substantial revenue addition, especially through actions like analysis of consumer consumption data, billing analysis, mobile-based billing etc. In addition to billing initiative, the team of analysts also enlightens on collection activities such as low performing routes and vigilance. As part of essential activities, Meter-reader’s productivity, updating strategic initiative parameters etc. are also regularly analysed.

Causal Nexus between Billing Efficiency and Econom

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Relationship between Electricity Energy Consumption

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