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FEDCO takes its responsibility towards society very seriously. Our mission is to make a difference in the lives of people. And we do it forever progressively through generating opportunities for employment, organizing and uplift of rural communities and direct citizenry engagement.

Our efforts of organizing and mobilizing Women Self Help Groups (WSHG’s) into a formal group named ‘Sefali’ in our Nayagarh Division is a unique experiment of meaningful action of working directly with Rural Women and encouraging them to overcome family and other social taboos to step out of the confines of homes for work and be economically inclusive. Overcoming initial reluctance on the part of village communities FEDCO has been able to organize close to 150 WSHGs (each having 4 members on a average). Legally formalized and binding framework gives each of our WSHGs renewed confidence and encourages them to go back to the families and demonstrating gains because of the engagement. This Confederation of WSHGs is a rare opportunity for them to organize themselves better not only economically but socially too. Since the WSHG’s work front end as Meter Readers and Payment Collectors they give FEDCO immediate opportunities to present itself to the larger community of the Nayagarh Division areas.

FEDCOSewa, FEDCO’s altruistic wing engages directly with marginalized groups and encourages social uplift through Seminar’s, Blood Donation Camps, Primary School engagement, Scholastic aid to name a few. A dedicated team ensures that our promise of making lives better for communities is honored.

As a Franchise for the distribution of electricity FEDCO employes (directly and/or contractually) close to 2000 people. With our expanding presence in the State of Odisha this number will empathetically increase.

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